The new Academic Year: ready or not?

Just a couple of days before the new academic year starts. Some students just arrived while others have already established their social student life. EM talks with students about their preparations. Who is ready and who is not?

Aiyanna Belliappa (18), First year IBA (from India)

“After being here for two weeks, I feel that I am well prepared now. At first I had a culture shock since it is so different here from India, but participating in the Eurekaweek helped me get more familiar with everything. Such as meeting my study mates, the different clubs and getting around in the city and on campus. For example, through Eurekaweek I have joined STAR and the futsal club. And now that I just completed my registration at the E-building, I can finally say that I am ready. I am also really excited about my major, because it is my dream to work for the UN one day and help take over my dad’s coffee business in India. I think IBA will help me make this all possible, so I am mentally ready as well.”

Omer Faruk Celik (27), Master student Company and commercial law (from Turkey)

“This week went fast, but as you can see I have a beautiful orange bike so I should be ready. After all, is a bike not all that you need in the Netherlands? Ok, I admit this is a rental bike, but I really am ready. I arrived here Tuesday night, but I have been preparing for this move for a couple months now. Paperwork like passport, insurance, residence permit and even my English exams are all taken care off. The only thing that I still have to take care off is getting familiar with the Dutch education system; it is so different from Turkey and therefore confusing, but that is just a matter of getting accustomed to. And I still need to arrange a room and of course a bike of my own, but other than that I am ready to have fun here; enjoy life in Rotterdam, travel around Europe and get to know new people.”

Yuhang Bi (23) Premaster student Accountancy (from China)

“I am not completely ready, as I just arrived here yesterday and I still have a lot of things to arrange before Monday. But I am really excited to start and cannot wait to meet my new classmates. The campus here is very pretty, so I am really excited to study here. I already have a place to stay as some of my friends came here earlier and rented an apartment.  However, what I am mostly looking forward to besides finishing my study with good grades is get to know Rotterdam, travel around and meet people from all kinds of nationalities.”

Lisa Wu (25) Premaster student Business Administration (from China)

“No, I am not ready yet! I did arrange accommodation nearby the university already, but I have not met my roommates yet. I should have come earlier, because I still have to prepare so much paperwork. Such as register at city hall, open a bank account, get my study card and buy books. I also do not know a lot of people yet, only a few Chinese people I connected with online and just met today. However, these coming days I will take the time to get to know the campus and Rotterdam.” CW