Erasmus Sport organized a race up the tallest construction on campus on the 16th of April. At least seventy athletes were there to join.

The event was divided into three competitions with individuals either running 18 or 10 flights. Besides this, four teams were created to participate in relay races. The organizer of the event, Jon de Ruijter (director Erasmus Sport) commented: “In response to popular demand, we’ve put together something for people to join up and challenge themselves to. We have quite a lot of people running up the 18 and 10 floors aside from four great teams.”


Students waiting for the start


The individual races were challenging enough but some team members took that extra mile to do all three challenges with fantastic results. The Rugby, Management, Erasmus Sport and EUGames 2014 teams participated in specifically relay races at this time. Aside from that, some team members and individuals took part in more than one race option. One of those athletes was Job Heidkamp (19) from the Rugby Team, who achieved a time of one minute and thirty seven seconds for the 18-flight race after the 10 and relay. Notwithstanding all the efforts, Heidkamp won both the 10-flight and 18-flight race. His time of 1.37 was even a record. NAH


Breath taking view