Easter isn’t just about religion

Easter is commonly associated with religion but the meaning has developed over the years. Today, students see it as a time for family gatherings and for some, a quick trip back home.

Arthur Duleng (18), International Business Administration from France

“The day used to be quite religious in France, but today nobody really sees it that way. I have a big family so it is a really good reason to see everybody and catch up. On Sunday, we would all travel to my aunt’s house in the countryside of Normandy. There is always a huge assortment of delicious chocolates and we enjoy those for the day. This year I will be in Rotterdam since it is also my first year abroad, but I might be organizing something with my friends.”

Margarida Ferris (19), International Business Administration from Portugal/New Zealand

“Christmas and Easter are two events that are really big in Portugal and my family always tries to get together during those times since we are quite dispersed. This year, unfortunately I have a lot of work so I’ll only be able to see them a little bit after Easter. Back in Portugal my grandparents own a house with a large porch so there is ample space to enjoy the sun as well. It is very typical in Portugal to eat around 2PM and we spend the time together until dinner. We have a really large lunch with typical Portuguese cheese and wine as appetizers and then meat and fish dishes for the main course. It is a lot of fun and my younger cousins always enjoy searching for the Easter eggs hidden around.” NAH

Nicola Linkels (25), Research Master in Early Modern Intellectual History from the Netherlands   

“I was raised as a Christian and Easter has always been a really good reason to see and have fun with family. When we were younger we would spend our time searching for the Easter eggs but that was when I was four or five. Nowadays most of my family lives in different cities around Amsterdam so it is a great excuse to pack up and see one another for a day. We cook food and bring it over for a big brunch and have things like croissants, french toast and lots of eggs of course.”