Educational institutions are not allowed to ask for compensation to students who are too late to register for exams. It is prohibited by law, writes Secretary Bussemaker to Parliament.

In many Universities students have to register for exams. If they are too late but still wish to do an exam, they have to pay compensation. In January a law student from Leiden was in the news, who had had to pay 225 euros because she had been too late a few times.


Secretary Bussemaker does have a little sympathy for such compensations, as proves her answer to the Parliamentary Questions by fellow party member Mohammed Mohandis (PvdA / labour party). Everyone is able to register for exams for free and the compensations are meant to enable students to still partake in the exam.

Extra costs prohibited

“But charging this type of costs is prohibited by law”, she adds. Universities are not allowed to impose ‘fines’ if students are too late with their registration. They are allowed, however, to set a deadline for registration. Whoever is too late, has to partake in the exam at a later date.


Besides Mohandis, other Members of Parliament frowned upon the rates for late registration. The CDA was “appalled”, the SP spoke of “nonsense” and both D66 and PVV didn´t want to allow financial sanctions.

Pay at the EUR

At Erasmus University, too, students who are too late with their registration for an exam can pay to still be allowed to participate. Until two days in advance they can pay 13,50 euro at the Erasmus Student Service Centrum. At the RSM, ESE and the iBMG, it is even possible to register after this day, but then it will cost no less than 50 euro. HOP/TF