The International Film Festival Rotterdam is back in town. EM asks some movie worshippers about their passion for film and the must-sees at the festival. Today: Loes Bomans Master student in Strategic Managment.

Loes does not claim to be a movie expert. When she watches one, it is often for recreational purposes. At the same time, she enjoys it when the movie makes her think more deeply about a topic. Loes favors comedies, but is not reluctant against a good drama. Especially when it is a thriller with crime in it. Dutch movies also rank highly on her personal scale. There is only one thing you can’t show to Loes: Horror movies.

Loes got introduced to the IFFR by her roommate, who apparently was quite enthusiastic about the festival. The talk about the nice atmosphere and the diverse offer of genres, made Loes really curious to visit the IFFR. It will be her first visit. Originally she was undecided between two movies:

‘Feel my Love’

“It’s about people in Europe who get dementia. I choose this movie because I think it really is an interesting topic and I worked in a house with people who have dementia. I think that it really touches you when you see those people, who don’t remember their own kids anymore and so on. So I thought it would be a really interesting and touching movie.”

‘The Great Passage’

“That’s a movie about a Japanese person, who is making a book or something. And with love and…yeah. We doubted between this one and ‘Feel my love’, because they are at the same time. In the end we chose to go to the first one, because it’s subject really appeals to us.” ET