The University Library closed its doors last night, and the next two days it will be transformed into a party venue  for the sold out centennial party of Thursday night. This means that the library is closed for students, who can go to the G- or V-building to study.

On the website of the University Library you can find a whole list with study areas in the G- and V-building, where students are welcome from 9.00 until 17.00. Also, the study area of the law faculty in the G-building is open from 9.00 until 19.00. Moreover, the literature for students of the social faculty has been brought there, so students can still find the source material they need.

Partying with Bakermat and Goldfish

On Saturday November 9th, the library will open again. If everything goes as planned, all the traces of the centennial party, which takes place on the ground floor, will be erased by then. At the entrance from the airlift there will be a lounge area and a place to buy coins for drinks. In the Langeveldzaal the stage, where Bakermat, Golfish and others will perform, will be set. LJ