The rebuilding of the EUC-building at the Nieuwemarkt is delayed once again. Therefore, the University College moves to the old court building at Noordsingel.

At the moment, luck is not on the side of the first year students of the Erasmus University College (EUC). There was hope for a wonderfully rebuilt building upon the students’ enrollment for the prestigious new Liberal Arts & Sciences study. However, the rebuilding of the old education museum at Nieuwemarkt keeps on suffering from adversity. The building was planned for delivery in September actually, but this was delayed due to over-ambitious planning, and water damage. Recently, the bankruptcy of an under-contractor was added to the list of adversities, which results in the rebuilding not being entirely done in 2013.

Academic community

At this moment, the students have classes in the education centre of the Erasmus MC, where a complete corridor is reserved for the EUC, and the staff lives in the impressive Schielandhuis. Because the University College is a small academic community that benefits from intensive contact among students and staff, a temporary solution has been found to gather everyone under the same roof: the old court building at Noordsingel.

Temporary accommodation

The building will be equipped with study rooms, a reading room, staff rooms, a café, and spaces for extracurricular activities. The students were asked to think along about necessary facilities, and what is expected from their academic community. The accommodation is temporary, and until the UEC-building is completed in its entirety. However, nobody dares to speak out about whether this completion will be in for instance January or May. TF/LJa

EM followed the University College students during their first weeks. You can view the pictures here, or you can read the article in EM#05.