On November 8th, the university celebrates its 100th birthday. This is of course a great opportunity to throw a party on a very special location: The University Library.

The doors of the library will open on Thursday November 7th at 21.30, several hours before the 100-year milestone will officially be reached. Around 2.500 people can attend the party, that takes place in the Meeszaal and the Langeveldzaal. Also, a small part of the Tinbergenzaal is open for external sponsors, who will finance the event.

Impressive line-up

The party is organized by the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), the Rotterdamsch Studenten Corps (RSC) and the STAR Management Week. Tickets for the Centennial Party will be sold at a symbolic price of €19,13, which is relatively high. The partygoers do get value for their money though, because some very exciting artists – such as the South-African dance duo Goldfish and the rising techno star Bakermat – will perform at the party.

‘Once in a life time experience’

According to Astrid Groenewegen of the ESE, the organization was looking for a unique campus area where no one has ever partied before. “It was important that the location could host as many students as possible. The University Library is of course mainly known as a place for hard work and studying. Now, students can experience the library in a totally different way, which contributes to our goal of creating a ‘once in a life time experience’.”


Cruel as it may sound, some students will have to study at the night of the Centennial Party. Tuesday after 22:00, the study areas of the library will be closed. For the unlucky ones that have to meet a deadline or take an exam on the next day, alternative study areas will be arranged. A party that lasts up to 4 in the morning will undoubtedly result in a mess, but this will not cause problems for Friday morning. “After the party, everything will be cleaned up and all books will be put back in their places. Saturday morning, the library will be opened at 10.00”, Groenewegen says.

Do you want to attend this special Centennial Party on Thursday November 7th? Buy your tickets here. MvS