Everywhere the first-year students of the Erasmus University College show their faces, the word ‘excellence’ is uttered. Expectations are sky-high. Studying hard is a prerequisite, but luckily there is also a bit of time to party.

The EUC is still in its early stages of development. Their own building hasn’t yet been finished and, just as is the case for the staff, the students have been offered a temporary solution: they are being taught in the Erasmus MC, where one of the hallways in the Onderwijscentrum has been remodelled to serve as the EUC bastion for now. The students do not seem to mind. They are wholeheartedly enjoying the varied curriculum, the guest speakers, and their introduction with the city of Rotterdam. EM followed the students during their first weeks.

In the Erasmus MC, where the EUC lectures are held, the class rooms have names like ‘Chamber of Secrets’.

This month’s topic is the origin of our solar system.


“Look at this awesome picture of the cosmos.”

The EUC building at the Nieuwemarkt is still being renovated…


… until it is finished the staff resides in the Schielandshuis.

All the first year students are obliged to live in the Student Hotel…


…where they study in the library (but not when they have a day off).


This is also studying.

For the academic skills programme, the students get a guided tour in Witte de With contemporary art gallery.

Sometimes they all cycle back home together.

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