Students that want to see an artist perform in their room, can now apply for the Stukafest. The 7th Rotterdam edition of the Student room festival will take place next year.

The Stukafest – short for Studentenkamerfestival -, where students open up their room for several intimate artistic performances, is set for February 20, 2014. Wanted are student rooms for ten different performances, which will have a very diverse character. The idea is that a big variety of music genres will be represented at the Stukafest. Also, the organization hopes to get some dancers, stand-up comedians and circus artists to perform at the cozy festival.

Three rounds and a closing party

A student room in Rotterdam only needs to meet one particular requirement: to be able to host artists and spectators, the size of the room has to be at least 18 square meters.

Because the visitors need to have enough time to travel to the next room (about half an hour), the distance between all the ten rooms has to be quite small. In total, there will be three rounds of half an hour each, the first one starting at 8:30 PM. The last round will be from 10:30 to 11:00 PM, and after that there will be a closing party – at a location yet to be determined – until well into the night.

Rotterdam character

According to Shirley Newland, chairwoman of Stukafest Rotterdam, this year’s festival will have a slightly other character than before. “Unlike previous years, we want to keep the Stukafest a typical Rotterdam festival. Therefore, the majority of the artists will be from Rotterdam this year.”

Interested in an artistic performance in your student room? Send an e-mail to [email protected]. MvS

Click here for an impression of last year’s Stukafest.