Students of the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) role-played as representatives of different countries. Together with students from other business schools, they participated in a Model United Nations conference in Barcelona from June 15-17.

The students, joined by peers from Warsaw, Cologne, Barcelona and Budapest, went to Barcelona to apply their knowledge from a new elective course at the RSM, called Change Strategy Role-Play. The convention is based on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties, in which the United Nations come together to discuss measures and issues surrounding climate change. In a Model UN, participants try to negotiate and create political alliances, based on their designated country’s perspective.

Stabilizing greenhouse gases

The UNFCCC is a non-binding international treaty, which the Kyoto Protocol is part of. It aims to stabilize the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. The treaty has been criticized for not being able to bring any meaningful reductions in gas emissions since its ratification in 1992.

Best negotiator

The event has been more successful for the RSM. Master’s student Sebastian Oldenzeel (Global Business and Stakeholder Management) won an award for ‘Best Negotiatior’ in his role as the representative for Bangladesh. AT