What are your summer plans?

With the academic year coming to an end and the summer break in sight, many students have made plans for the summer months. EM asked these international students about their personal summer plans.

Kimberly Jang (27), Marketing Management student from Canada

I will be travelling Europe for three weeks during the summer. My first stop will be Sevilla in Spain, then Oslo and finally London. I have seen a lot of Europe in the past three years, but these are the places I have not been to yet. I have heard many great things, so I am really excited to go. And since I will soon be leaving the Netherlands for good to return to Canada, I want to use the final opportunity to see more of Europe. I am looking forward to the trip. But of course, I am also excited to go back home to Canada. Seeing family and friends I have not seen in a while will be wonderful.

Vivian Pi (23), Pre-master student from China

I will be travelling to Paris, mainly to go shopping. I will return to China for good in July and have to get some gifts for my family and friends. With its chic fashion and the like, Paris is the perfect place to get souvenirs, especially since my friends love beauty products, such as make-up and perfume. I am sure, I will not leave empty handed. But of course, I am not just travelling to Paris to shop, but also to visit museums and to explore the city. And since it is my final month in Europe, I am also planning on travelling to the north of the Netherlands, the only part of the country where I have not been to.

Christina Sluyter (23), Marketing Management student from Canada

I will not be travelling during the summer. Instead, I am going back home to Canada to write my thesis. It is due in September, so I will spend most of July and August writing and finalizing it. And I will also have to start looking for post-graduation employment. I am not really disappointed that I do not get to travel this year. I just got back from China and I have been travelling a lot throughout my life. So, I do not feel I am missing out on anything this summer. I just want to focus on completing my Master’s and finding a job. NL