De Brazilian government will send 37 students to the EUR through their ‘Science without Borders’(SwB) programme.  Come September, the students will start their specially tailored courses at two different institutes.

Twenty-nine Brazilians will go to the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) for an exchange course called ‘Urban Management and Development: Sustainable Urbanism’. The remaining eight students will follow a year-long undergraduate programme in Health Sciences the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES, part of Erasmus MC), after a summer course in Study Design, Biostatistical Methods en Clinical Epidemiology’.

President Dilma Rousseff started the ‘Science without Borders’ initiative in 2011, aiming to improve science, technology and innovation in Brazil, by providing scholarships for tens of thousands of graduate and undergraduate students. SwB also offers scholarships for research in Brasil to foreign postdoctorates. The EUR has a cooperation agreement with Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP). AT