After the ascertainment of irregularities during the student elections at the RSM, the result of the elections were annulled. The candidates, however, are reluctant about the decision to do the elections again.

When the results of the university elections were announced, the names of the RSM students that will reside in next year’s University and Faculty Council were missing. A complaint about irregularities was sent to the Central Electorate Committee. The Committee investigated the complaint, heard the involved candidate and decided he influenced the elections contrary to the Dutch electoral law and that new elections will be held.

New elections

Only the voting will be done again, so student scan choose the same candidates. Also the involved candidate will take part in the elections, because the Electorate Committee thought it disproportionate to exclude him. The new elections will take place from 19 June up to and including 26 June.


Most candidates are unhappy about new elections. In a letter to the Executive Board of the EUR, which was signed by almost all candidates, they write that they find the decision to hold new elections unfair. They want the last results to be announced legitimate again and the involved candidate, if elected, to be removed from the results.


“Campaigning is impossible at the moment”, says Jules Maitrepierre, initiator of the letter and candidate for the Faculty Council. “Everyone has exams or will be on holiday.” His biggest concern is about the credibility of the student representation. “It is ridiculous to campaign during exams, re-sits or holidays. Last election’s turn-out was only 13 procent, if we have to do it again even less students will be motivated to vote.”

Nothing personal

Maitrepierre emphasizes that it’s not about kiciking out the involved candidate. “What happened is not that serious. But new elections victimize all the candidates, while only one cheated.” TF