“All the English jobs in Nederland,” reads the slogan of Globejob Nederlands, a company dedicated to supporting expats in finding post-graduation employment. 

According to the CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, international students who stay and work in the Netherlands after graduation benefit the Dutch economy and are a valuable economic asset. However, the International Student Barometer (ISB), the world’s largest annual survey of international student satisfaction, revealed that international students generally perceive a lack of job opportunities in the Netherlands. “I often get the feeling that most companies in the Netherlands are not looking for international talent, but prefer Dutch employees,” says Kacper Lasota (23), a third-year International Media and Communication (IBCoM) student from Poland. As a result, many highly qualified international students leave the Netherlands to find post-graduation employment elsewhere.

Potential solution: Globejob Nederlands

To tackle the issue and support international students in finding a job in the Netherlands, Globejob Nederlands was launched in the Netherlands just a few weeks ago. “But we are not a young organization. We hail from Denmark. After having established a strong customer base and gotten experience with different sectors, we decided to expand to other EU countries, with the Netherlands as our first ‘subsidiary’,” explains Constantinos Palaiologos, the founder of Globejob.

Overcoming the language barrier

As an expat himself, Palaiologos knows the difficulties of finding post-graduation employment. “I had a hard time finding a job, despite good education and promising skills,” he says. According to Palaiologos, a lack of fluency in the language of the host country is usually the main barrier to finding employment. “I saw an opportunity, and so I pivoted from job hunting to creating a company aimed at solving the issue.”

Supporting expats

The primary goal of Globejob is to help expats use their expertise and skills in a foreign land, without being hindered by a lack of fluency in the local language. “I think this is a noble cause in line with our EU ideals: Free movement of people,” says Palaiologos. In Denmark, the services of Globejob go beyond supporting expats in finding a job, including assistance related to relocation, accommodation, and the like.  

Matching job seekers and employers

“And of course, the hiring companies are our customers too,” says Palaiologos. With an extensive CV database and a broad network among expats and businesses, Globejob has the means to match job seekers and employers. “We do our best to provide the hiring companies with the person that best fits their organization and job description,” explains Palaiologos. Globejob Nederlands is currently building their CV database and cultivating contacts with companies. “So send us your CVs,” says Palaiologos encouragingly. NL