International students sometimes struggle with finding a suitable job after graduating. Trying to make Rotterdam a more attractive place to work for internationals, Expertise in Labour Mobility (ELM) is organizing ‘Careers made in Rotterdam’.

Increase your employability

ELM invited different speakers from universities and companies from four different sectors: Port, Creative Industries, Health Care and Business, such as TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Robeco. The event will cover a combination of practical issues, such as how to prepare for an interview or how to adjust your CV for the local culture, and broader topics, such as the worth of Rotterdam as a working city. ‘Careers made in Rotterdam’ is not limited to students from certain fields; it is meant for all internationals looking to increase their employability on the Dutch labour market. 

Boosting the high-education labour market

Expertise in Labour Mobility is an organization that strives to make international labour mobility more simple and educate job seekers and organizations on cultural diversity. The municipality of Rotterdam has asked ELM to organize this event as part of the ‘Rotterdam Career City’ project, which aims to boost the local high-education labour market. AT

May 16th in Podium 0. Students will be able to visit presentations, workshops and Q&A sessions on working in Rotterdam.