Third-year Bachelor courses to be taught in English?

A policy recommendation suggesting the teaching of all third-year Bachelor courses in English is currently being discussed at EUR. These international students tell us what they think about the potential new policy.

Archimedes Kristamuljana (21), IBA student from Indonesia

Generally, I think it is a good idea. Teaching third-year Bachelor courses in English will ensure that Dutch students learn the language. It broadens their opportunities in terms of both Master programs and career. There are many interesting English Master programs, and having some proof of having studied in English before will increase the chance of being accepted. And of course, it is beneficial for their career, especially regarding the international job market. But then again, it is a Dutch university. So students should not be forced to study in English. But overall, it is a good preparation. 

Daniel Schulz (23), IBCoM student from Germany

Personally, I think it is a good policy recommendation. It’s important to have an international outlook in today’s globalized world. And the Netherlands has always been an international location. I mean, there are so many international students here. Teaching third-year Bachelor courses in English will make it even more appealing for foreign students to come. And it might also make it more appealing for Dutch students to spend some time abroad. I really cannot see any disadvantages.  

Shuwei Wang (20), IBA student from China

It is certainly a good idea to teach all third-year Bachelor courses in English. I mean, why not? After all, EUR is an international university. By offering English courses, Dutch students will become fluent in English. So, it will be easier for them to build connections across the globe and an international network. And on a more basic level, it might also contribute to the creation of closer ties between Dutch and international students here on campus. It just facilitates communication. NL