A second master program costs thousands of Euros more at one university than at the other. That concludes the new Keuzegids Masters.

EU/EEA students who already completed a masters program and obtained a masters degree, have to pay the institutional tuition fee for a second master program. Universities in the Netherlands may determine this institutional tuition fee themselves. According to the Keuzegids Masters this results in significant differences, especially concerning beta and technical master programs.

Big differences

Utrecht University’s institutional tuition fee is 18,350 Euros. Leiden University comes close to that with a total of 17,700 Euros. The technical universities of Delft and Eindhoven are not charing these amounts. Both universities uphold the normal government-reduced fees of 1,835 Euros per year. This is ten times as less as both Utrecht and Leiden. The technical University of Twente does charge high fees for a second master program, namely 12,916 Euros. Erasmus University Rotterdam charges for most masters 10,300 Euros which means that it is amongst the cheapest Dutch universities for obtaining a second masters degree.

Trade secret

It cost the editors quite an effort to figure out the exact tuition fees. “Due to the many exceptions the information in itself is already complex. Moreover, the information on the websites of the universities was often hard to find, incomplete or contradictory. In one case, the university even refused to mention the exact amount – as if it considered a trade secret.”

One of the exceptions concerns students who want to obtain a second master degree in medicine or education. These students pay the normal government reduced tuition fee, unless their first master degree is already in medicine or education.

32 thousand Euros

The most expensive master program is Medicine at Maastricht University. They charge 32 thousand Euros. That is nearly the double amount of what the EUR charges for a medicine master, 16,300 Euros. The Vrije Universiteit charges 15,000 Euros for a medicine master.

EUR scores reasonable

The Study Guide compares all master programs with each other on the basis of both student and expert evaluations. None of the master programs offered at the EUR scores among the best of its kind. The EUR shares a third place with Groningen University in the group of best general universities to follow a master. Nijmegen University and Maastricht University score slightly better. HOP/TF/NdB