Histartes presented the traditional ‘Histartes Fest’ at Proeflokaal Reijngoud. The credo of this event is simple: eat all you can for charity. This year the event was all about eating spare ribs. “I managed to eat 30 ribs”,  says Joana Chung (30), a recent History graduate but still an active member, “that is a personal record!”

The charity supported by ‘Histartes Fest’ is Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a non-profit organization which sends doctors across the globe to help children with birth defect, for instance children born with a cleft palate. Operation Smile has already provided over 200.000 children with free medical care.

Personal cause

‘Histartes Fest’ aims to raise money for Operation Smile and this year, it has a personal emotional value to it. “I picked the charity so I think it is a brilliant cause”, highlights Oscar Poiesz (23), an International Relations and Global History master student. “As someone with a cleft palate, I am extremely grateful to all the doctors who did the best work they could on me, which is someone everyone deserves. Also, Operation Smile got some extremely over the top emotional videos, which I am a sucker for.”

Restoring the honor

For roommates Vincent Sondermeijer (22) and Richard van den Bijl (22), both second year History bachelor students, this year’s competition was about restoring their honor and revenging their painful loss against current Chairman of Histartes Jeroen den Breejen last year. “Last year we lost after an epic battle against Jeroen with 51 against 48 ribs”, explains Sondermeijer.

“I have to shamefully admit I only manage to eat 15 ribs this time, it was not my evening”, says Van den Bijl. Luckily, his roommate, Sondermeijer restored their honor and took home the cup by eating 38 ribs. “We decided I am his coach”, explains Van der Bijl, “and now we can finally put the trophy in our living room.”

Preparation is key

In order to eat as much spare ribs as possible and take home the trophy, preparation is important. Most participants agree that on the day of the competition it is best to skip a few meals. This year’s winner Sondemeijer did not eat anything at all on the day of the binge fest. “I also did not eat side dishes. I did last year and that was not a smart choice.” Van der Bijl adds, “drinking water instead of beer is said to improve your results as well.”  

Menu: spareribs

Only one week before the competition, Histartes announced that spare ribs would be the dish the participants had to eat. The opinions about the choice differ. “I have not eaten spare ribs in such a long time, so I am definitely graving for them!”, says Chung excitingly. Poiesz did not want to eat ribs at all. “I tried for them to change it to hamburgers, but to no avail. Spare ribs are bloody hard to eat as well.”

Annual event

‘Histartes Fest’ has been such a success for the past four years that it is an annually returning event. “I started with the Fest a few years ago, I came up with the name. I provided Chinese food from my parents restaurant. The revenue also went to a good cause. It is great how its continuity stays strong.”, explains Chung. NdB