Students of Rotterdam’ is a recently launched Tumblr-page that aims to reflect on the daily lives of students in a relatable and humorous way using GIF-images. “We really want to bring smiles of the faces of students in Rotterdam on a daily bases”.

GIFs are small moving images that only last for a few seconds. The choice for GIFs was deliberately made. “We could have also used normal images, but that takes a part of the fun away since through GIFs you can also portray movements. This animation-aspect of the images is what makes the GIFs mostly really funny”, emphasizes the initiator.

Initiator anonymous

The initiator of the page wants to remain anonymous for two main reasons: the ‘funniness’ of the ‘Students of Rotterdam’ initiative should not be influenced by knowing who is behind the idea and some posts are quite daring and confronting and by remaining anonymous, every aspect of the student life in Rotterdam can be reflected on more easily.


The male initiator now gets help of another female student, who also likes to remain anonymous. “I asked help from another female friend because thinking of posts and looking up GIFs can be quite time consuming”, explains the initiator. Both students get their inspiration of their own daily experiences in Rotterdam since they know how funny, stupid or annoying some aspects of living a student life can be. “The only thing that is difficult is to find a suitable GIF with your experiences”, explains the initiator.

Recognizable funny Rotterdam experiences

On the Tumblr-page, each new post consists of a caption that relate to many students in Rotterdam. Underneath these captions are funny GIFs.

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