EUR cancels contract with Albron

EUR has cancelled its contract with Albron due to several complaints from students and employees. These international students tell us what they think about Albron and the recent cancellation of the contract.

Elizaveta Shulyndina (18), IBCoM student from Russia/Vietnam

Personally, I hardly ever eat at the canteen. I prefer going to the sports building. The food there is a lot better. Albron is just too expensive and the food is not good at all. I only go to Albron once in a while to get coffee. So I am not surprised that the university has cancelled the contract with Albron. It makes sense and they actually should have done so a long time ago. At a university, students need proper food at affordable prices. So I really hope that Albron will be replaced by a proper student canteen that has some variety in their offers and is not too pricey. It would also be great if the university introduced a lunch card, which can be charged with a certain number of meals per month at a discount rate.

Soraya Bousaid (18), IBA student from Suriname

I don’t mind Albron that much. I actually think that their food is not bad. It is really pricey though. Generally, students don’t have a lot of money. I actually know a lot of people that just can’t afford eating at Albron regularly. Personally, I don’t like to cook and I get some extra money from my parents to eat on campus. But that is not the case for everyone. So I really think that their prices should be more student-friendly. Still, I really didn’t expect the university to cancel their contract. I have heard a lot of students complain about the catering facilities on campus, but most of them go there to eat anyways. I just didn’t see it coming. But I hope that the new facilities will offer meals at more affordable prices – just a student-friendly canteen.

Anneli Krunks (24), Exchange student from Estonia

I really don’t like Albron. The sandwiches are ok. But that is about it. Generally, the food doesn’t taste well and there is no variety. They basically serve the same meals every day. And the prices don’t match the quality of the food. I wouldn’t mind paying the same amount for a decent dish, but given the poor quality and service, it is just too expensive. I have actually just been waiting for the university to announce that they have canceled the contract. I have heard so many people complain. So I am not surprised. It was about time. I just hope that the new caterer will offer good food and a greater variety of meals. NL