Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) has changed its name after 40 years into Enactus. While the main idea of the organization has not changed, with Enactus the focus is put more on entrepreneurial action. Therefore, Enactus stands for: en – entrepreneurial, act – action, us – united.

SIFE allows EUR students as well as students in 38 other countries to create community empowerment projects. In this way, students are involved in social entrepreneurship while helping the local community. “Our main target was the surrounding community with the idea of empowering people in need”, says Martin Kayser (20), a second year IBA student and head of human research of Enactus. “A famous saying that depicts the idea of SIFE very well is ‘give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’, highlights Kayser.

‘Enactus takes SIFE to the next level’

After 40 years of being known as SIFE, they are in the midst of globally re-branding themselves as Enactus. “SIFE had begun to lose its meaning after 40 years, with Enactus we modernized the brand to empower it and take our organization to the next level”, explains Kayser.

But the main idea behind the organization has not changed with the name change. “Enactus is an international organization that is constantly growing and hence, the name had to be changed to adapt to new circumstances and better represent what it is we stand for”, emphasizes Kayser. Ultimately, the projects as well as the fundamental beliefs of SIFE remain incorporated in Enactus. It is primarily the look that has changed.

There were some minor bumps’

“The name change is a long process”, admits Kayser, “especially since we do not have a marketing team with a big budget. Our main priority are our projects.” The name change at EUR is therefore mainly communicated through Enactus online presence, such as the Website and Facebook. “But there is more to come!”, says Kayser excitingly.

“Of course there were some minor bumps that we encountered with the name change”, says Kayser, “one of which is the reach on our Facebook page.” Building up a ‘fan base’ of active members of a community takes time. Wheres the old Facebook page of SIFE had nearly 700 likes, Enactus is back to just over 130 likes. Likewise, “Sife had already built itself a good reputation on the EUR campus, thus people valued the name”, explains Kayser, “with the new name we have to let people understand that it stands for the same ánd more.”

Enactus projects at EUR

Enactus is aware that they are competing with many other student organizations at EUR. “Enactus services a niche here at university”, explains Kayser. Since Enactus is a rather small organization with about 40 members at EUR, “members have to power to really make a change and gain hands on experience”, highlights Kayser.

Currently, Enactus has 6 projects and 3 committees. Some projects are Ricycle, aimed at creating a sustaible cycle for old and unused bikes, and Learn Dutch to Get in Touch, set up to help retired teachers by providing them with the opportunity to give affordable Dutch classes to international students.

Celebrating the new Enactus

Enactus hosts Drink Green’s, a social drink of which all earnings are being invested back into the bar/club it is hosted at the make it more eco-friendly. The next Drink Green will be on February 21st at De Vrienden Live and will especially be organized to celebrate the name change into Enactus.

More about Enactus, their projects and the celebration can be found here: NdB