A number of EUR students are participating in the Peak Time – the largest international business student competition in Eastern Europe organized annually by the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. 

Every year, students from all around the world participate in the Peak Time either individually or in a team of four to put business theory into practice, expand their networks, and compete for the final prize of €5000. “The core idea of the Peak Time is to challenge yourself and to establish worldwide connections”, says Andrius Čiapas, the chief competition and communication coordinator at the Peak Time.

Gaining business knowledge

RSM students Elisabella Hu, Koen Winkler and Xu Bo Khaw, and TU Delft student Ingmar Hofman are participating in the Peak Time as a team. “We hope to gain more knowledge about the world of consultancy and the world of business in general”, explains Hu. “We think that by participating in this contest we will gain more knowledge about what doing business means”, she adds.

Business simulation and case studies

Starting on February 13th, participants have to compete in the CESIM online business simulation and solve case studies prepared by professionals working in top business companies such as McKinsey & Company. “It requires a lot of analytical and managerial thinking as well as creativity”, says Čiapas.


Not just about the money

The top 20 teams will proceed to the finals taking place in Riga in May. Here, they will compete for the final prize of €5000 by solving more advanced business problems. However, Hu, Winkler, Khaw and Hofman are not in it for the money. “We are not focused on winning money. Having the opportunity to experience a worldwide competition like the Peak Time is greater than winning money alone”, explains Hu. NL