Students who have a wardrobe full of old, unused, but good clothes, can sell their clothes this afternoon (until 5 pm) in the sports building.

The ‘New Fashion Society’ (NFS) organised the ‘pop up store’ for second hand clothes. The second edition of the fashion fair is one of the activities of NSF. Besides that, NSF organizes workshop to make your own jewellery or clothes, or they could ask the ceo of Zara to give a lecture. 

Bella Constantinoiu (2nd year IbCoM) sells some worn, but also unworn clothes, for example the denim boots with very high heels. “I’m really interested in fashion and I’m an active Pinterest user.”

Nina Hoeberichts (master marketing management) is planning to donate the clothes she didnt’t sell to charity. In the sports building is a box to collect clothing and this will be donated to people in Syria.

Xinmi Li, also known as Amy Lee (1st year IbCom) joins the fashion fair, because she really needs more space in her wardrobe. She loves to shop and she has even her own blog about fashion. Partly in Chinese, partly in English, because she writes about fashion trends in Rotterdam and in the rest of Europe.

Natalie Binienda (2nd year IBA) finds the fashion fair a good way to get rid of clothes she doesn’t wear herself anymore. “When I wear a shirt or trousers a lot for two months, I get bored. So why shouldn’t I try to sell it to someone who becomes really happy with it?”