The Rotaract Club Rotterdam hosted a typical Indian themed movie-night in collaboration with the student organization Hindoe Studenten Forum Nederland in order to raise money for an orphanage located in Pune, India. They raised over €522 euros.

Rotaract Club Rotterdam

The Rotaract club Rotterdam is the university-based Rotaract club, run by and for students of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). “Our goal is to offer all students the unique chance to initiate, organize and take part in community and humanitarian service projects with the purpose to make a positive impact on communities across the world”, says Yana Pavlova (22) a business information management master student from Bulgaria.  Kiran Matai (21) an IBA and IBCoM bachelor student from The Netherlands adds, “in so doing, we strongly aim to reflect the international character of the student community at EUR.”  The Rotaract Club tries to ensure representation within their membership body and executive board of all nationalities on an equal basis.

The Cause    

In spite of all the developments that are aiming to enhance the world that we live in, issues such as poverty remain a significant worldwide problem. “Especially in India, countless people are living in absence of the most fundamental human needs”, says Dinvya Chawla (21) a business information management master student from India. The Rotaract Club Rotterdam aimed to support one particular cause in India, namely an orphanage names Disha, located in the city of Pune. “Its facilities are highly dependent on charity-based incomes”, highlights Pavlova. Matai adds, “limited resources caused the building’s main hall to be lacking a proper floor, forcing the children to live under unhygienic circumstances.” The Rotaract Club aimed to raise awareness and money to help the children in Disha.

The Bollywood experience

The cause and event was supported by the Hindoe Studenten Forum Nederland, which mainly represents Hindu students. Due to this collaboration, a Bollywood movie-night was organized at the Erasmus University on November 16th. “The choice of a typical Bollywood themed evening resulted from its uniqueness and linkages to the cause for which money was to be raised”, says Chawla. The renowned Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’ was shown, which is a story about the friendship between three college friends, and challenges viewers to dare thinking different in a world that is increasingly dominated by predetermined standards. “To stick with the Bollywood theme, guests were welcomed with delicious Indian Sweets”, says Matai.

Over 100 students present

More than a hundred students were present and their attendance contributed to raising a final amount of €522.05! The Rotaract members have direct contact with the orphanage and are therefore ensured that all proceeds are spent to help the orphanage become a better home for the children. Pavlova emphasizes, “we are truly thankful for the students that showed up and supported the case and mainly, we hope to have inspired students to put in effort and make our world a little bit more beautiful to live in.” NdB.