As teammates Jiyoung, Marc, Violeta , and me produced a winning research paper during the IBCoM Honours Programme participation for company DNV KEMA, we were invited – as a prize – to visit an exhibition on Wind Power in Beijing, China this November.  In addition we’ve conducted a short research there.


When fellow student Violeta and me arrived on Beijing Capital airport, our intercultural communication skills were immediately tested. No taxi driver was able to understand the name and address of our hotel – written in English. Luckily, airport staff was very helpful and translated these to Chinese characters. It proved to be the beginning of a once in a lifetime experience.


During the week, many things during sightseeing left a special impression. Among these, the Square of Heavenly Peace and the Forbidden City lying behind the square are perhaps most known. Very pleasantly surprised were we by the Acrobatics show, taking place in Chaoyang Theater – just across the street from our hotel. The stunts and enduring excitement were dazzling, really. Without any protection, the acrobats performed seemingly life threatening stunts.  

The absolute highlight of the trip has been –without a doubt – our visit to the Mutianyu-part of The Great Wall of China. It’s one of the best preserved parts. The immense design of the Wall and the view from it are enchanting. Knowing that such a large structure continues for thousands of kilometers gives you a good reason to believe you’re climbing one of the seven world wonders.

China Wind Power exhibition

The exhibition has been a useful experience too. Not only was it very interesting to see how a national energy industry organizes itself, but primarily the fact that respondents’ nationality and cultural heritage determined how open they could speak about issues was eye-opening. We mainly asked people about their opinion on the exhibition and DNV KEMA’s booth at the exhibition.

It has been a magnificent opportunity to have a glance at how business between companies within the energy industry works. The fact that this exhibition took place about 8000 km from Rotterdam in Beijing – China, only added to the uniqueness of this opportunity. 

At the China Wind Power exhibition in Beijing

Return to The Netherlands

The 10-hour flight back was tiresome, but the jetlag hasn’t really kicked in as I would’ve expected before. I look back at an amazing week, spent in a country characterized by the friendliness and helpfulness of its people, and the majestic structures and beautiful culture. Truly, just once in a lifetime, you maybe win such a prize. LJa


 Jiyoung, Leon, Violeta, and Marc at The Great Wall of China