“Romney voters are more enthusiastic than Obama voters this year”, says Kirstel Verdel, former executive for the Obama campaign in 2008, “but Obama’s strategy is to register as many new voters and mirco-target them.” Verdel was one of the speakers who called in live from Wasington at last night’s all-American USA election night, organized by Studium Generale, Schouwburg Rotterdam and De Unie in Debat.

The completely sold out all-American night for everyone interested in foreign policy, consisted of a variety of acts, mini-lectures and discussions.

Four years Obama-rule

Ko Colijn, director of Clingendael and professor International Relations at the EUR critically discussed the foreign policy of Obama, or the ‘Obama-rule’, so far by emphasizing some rather remarkable points. For instance, Obama did successfully hunt Osama Bin Laden meaning that is ‘in the pocked’. However, Colijn did note that Obama did not fulfill his promise of cleaning the world from nuclear trash and also, did not become the ‘president of peace’ but is more a drone president. Overall, Colijn highlights that Obama’s foreign policy is more positive for America but also, for the Netherlands and the world. Looking at the points mentioned, Colijn predicted that Obama would lead the US for four more years.


Besides serious debates, the night contained some light-hearted acts on the American elections. Hans Aarsman, Dutch photographer, author and important figure in the New Typography movement, showed that both Obama and Romney were doing a lot of the same things during their campaign. For example, hand-shaking, talking, hand-shaking, waving, holding babies, and some more hand-shaking. Aarsman humorous presentation showed both presidential campaigns ‘baby-totals’, referring to the amount of babies they held during their campaign. Obama won with a ‘baby-total’ of 15 compared to 11 from Romney.

‘I worry about the middle class’

Several theatrical performances made sure the USA election night had a high entertainment level. “I worry about the middle class”, “No I worry about the middle class!” shouted two actors from the Productiehuis Rotterdam who portrayed Obama and Romney. In their act they mocked both presidential candidates for the amount of similar expressions and statements during their campaign.


Similarly, the Young Gangsters mocked a typical red-neck American friend group. Their theatrical fight act included naked buts on stage, fake intestines and tomato sauce during the staged fights and “I says, I needs fixing”-type of Southern accents. The result? A stage as well as an audience completely covered in beer, but it was by far the most entertaining act of the night. NdB