StuKaFest Rotterdam is looking for rooms. The Student Accommodation Festival takes place in different student rooms on February 7. Although, the program is almost complete, rooms are still needed.

“A new board was appointed at the beginning of this year, which led us to start looking for rooms later than expected,” said Christina Giannelia, chairman of the StuKaFest Rotterdam. The committee is trying to find rooms using Facebook, word-to-mouth and posters. “We need ten rooms in total. So far, we only have six.”


A suitable room is at least 18 square meters and needs to hold a minimum of fifteen festival visitors. Moreover, there has to be six to eight square meters of space for the artist. The room should be located in Rotterdam West, Coolhaven or Delfshaven in order for visitors to be able to bike from one room to the next. “Students offering there room can earn some money by selling drinks and snacks,” said Giannelia.


On the night of the festival, a variety of performances take place, including music concerts, comedy and theatre shows, dance performances and short film screenings. The festival includes three rounds of one hour each. Each round, visitors can select another performance at a different student room. Tickets are €4,50 for one round and €11 for three rounds. An afterparty will take place at Dek 22.     

StuKaFest is a festival that takes place in student rooms once a year throughout twelve student cities in the Netherlands.

Would you like to host a performance in your room? Then send an email to [email protected]