To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague has produced a cookbook called ‘ISS Global Kitchen rules’ – a compilation of recipes from all around the world. 

Founded 60 years ago, the ISS is characterized by a highly diverse and international community of students and faculty, bringing together people from all countries and latitudes. ‘ISS Global Kitchen rules’ is the 3rd cookbook published by the ISS that reflects the Institute’s enormous cultural diversity.

Purpose of the ISS cookbook

According to Annet van Geen, one of the three members of the ISS cookbook team, the cookbook has been produced in order to show the cultural diversity that characterizes the ISS community, and to present the many different cuisines of the world. “Food matters, food brings people together,” van Geen said. Moreover, given that the ISS is celebrating its 60th anniversary this month, the cookbook serves to commemorate the special occasion.

Recipes: An international culinary journey

Faculty, students and staff from the ISS community, including Erasmus University, were invited to contribute their recipes. The cookbook team, consisting of Annet van Geen, Karin Hirdes and Karen Shaw, tested and selected the recipes. The end result is a cookbook that offers dishes from all around the world, ranging from Swiss cheese fondue and Hungarian goulash to Indian tandoori chicken and Ethiopian doro wot.

Good cause

The revenues obtained from the cookbook sales are meant to sponsor prospective ISS students. According to van Geen, all proceeds from sales are donated towards establishing a new ISS fellowship or ISS study waiver to support students who are not able to afford studying and staying in the Netherlands. This year, two students, Raphaela Han and Abdelhadi Abdel Ghafar Mohamed Mohamedahmed, received a partial fellowship and presented the 3rd ISS cookbook to Pauline van der Meer Mohr, the President of the Executive Board of the Erasmus University.

How to purchase

‘ISS Global Kitchen rules’ can be purchased for € 5 either online by sending an email to [email protected] or at the ISS bookshop in The Hague. Alternatively, people can also purchase the special gift box for € 25, containing the newest ISS cookbook ‘ISS Global Kitchen Rules’ as well as the first two editions ‘A Taste of the World’ and ‘Teach Learn Cook’. NL