“Music is more than my hobby, it inspires me and drives my moods”, says Elene Gabelaia (25) a Business, Commercial and Maritime Law Master student from Georgia. ESN recently launched a weekly event which gives students the opportunity to showcase their musical talent to other students.


Gabelaia has been playing the violin for 18 years. “When I was 7 years old, my mother, who is also a musician, decided to teach me how to play the violin”, says Gabelaia smiling and adds, “as I grew up, I discovered that I cannot live without music and especially without my violin.” Gabelaia explains that mastering an instrument such as the violin is hard. But, once someone does achieve it, it changes their outlook on life and they acquire a more positive approach towards life.

ESN Jam Sessions

“ESN is adding a new weekly event to their social calendar, the Jam Sessions which are held on Mondays at Waterfront”, says Veronica Åkerblad, Head of the Marketing, PR and New Media committee. For € 2,- students can take the stage at Waterfront after signing up. “In this way different people can show their musical abilities every week”, adds Åkerblad.

“Music relieves stress”

“It would be useless only to study at University without entertaining if you can. Music relieves stress and gives you positive energy. It inspires you”, says Gabelaia. Jam Sessions are a way to socialize and get to know other internationals who are passionate about music. “Music has the ability to get students together”, explains Gabelaia and that is what makes them such fun.

International music perspective

ESN focuses on bringing students from all nationalities together. “By looking to other international students and how they play, improve and feel certain melodies, you can easily understand how other students in their home countries understand music”, highlights Gabelaia. “That is precisely what ESN wants to provide”, says Åkerblad, “an international perspective on music”. NdB.