The first group of IBCoM students was awarded their diplomas on Thursday, October 11th, during a ceremony at the university’s auditorium after successfully completing the International Bachelor program in Communication and Media (IBCoM).

Graduation ceremonies at most universities are devoted to celebrating an important point in students’ lives. Examinations are finally over, graduation caps and gowns replace casual clothing, and parents admire their children’s success. But this year’s IBCoM graduation was special for an additional reason – it was the first graduation in the program’s history.

Presentation of the diplomas

73 students completed the program successfully. Prof. Dr. Steven Lamberts, the former Rector Magnificus of EUR, awarded the first diploma to Laura Miller for being an outstanding and “typical” IBCoM student – smart, ambitious, and international. Prof. Dr. Jeroen Jansz presented the rest of the diplomas and congratulated the students for their achieved results. “It is great to see all the excited faces and to be part of this ‘first IBCoM’ group. But it is a whole mix of emotions to go through. It feels liberating and like a huge achievement, but at the time you are like ok this is done, on to the next thing,” says Yanick Kuper.

Looking back on the IBCoM program

Looking back on the program, Dr. Payal Arora and two IBCoM graduates, Ayla Alders and Maximilian Bartscht, presented their experiences in a question and answer format. Ayla Alders and Maximilian Bartsch explained that they had been excited to start university and had expected to study with very “diverse and hip people”.  Both of them feel that they, indeed, had a fantastic time despite the fact that they were the program’s ‘guinea pigs’.

Looking back on student years

Looking back on their student years, Laura Miller, an IBCoM graduate, presented the many happy and memorable moments outside the classroom. Events such as the Eureka week, the IBCoM social drinks, and the IBCoM Awards enabled the students to establish close bonds between each other and to expand their boundaries.  “The time as a student is one of the best times in one’s life” – Laura Miller suggests that each IBCoM graduate can say this in one way or another.  

Opening address

Prof. Dr. Susanne Janssen, Founding Dean of IBCoM, gave an introduction to and overview of the program. According to Janssen, the first class of IBCoM students shows that the program is truly international. About half of the students have some international background and many of them decided to go on exchange or to study abroad. Moreover, IBCoM offers a balance between practice and theory, is selective and challenging, and provides a sound basis for a variety of careers and advanced studies. 67 percent of the graduates are doing a Master’s in either the Netherlands or abroad, including for instance the UK, Germany, and Australia. Some have decided to enter the job market and others are taking a gap year.


Following the ceremony, students, faculty and guests were invited to snacks and drinks outside the auditorium. NL