The Erasmus Student Network Rotterdam (ESN) host an extraordinary event for students to get to know each other this Sunday, October 14. Instead of organizing a traditional get together, they will combine 30 Twister games into one huge Twister game in the S-building.

Easy and amusing

Twister is an internationally well-known game. Also, it is an easy game where people stand in weird positions and fall, which can be very entertaining. More importantly, it can be expanded without much effort. “We decided to go for Twister, because it is already a really funny game to play with a few friends. So we cannot image how hilarious it will be if we combine 30 Twister games”, says Aman Raj Singh, board member of ESN.

Comical way of networking

Singh explains, ESN wants internationals and Dutch students to be able to meet each other beyond the traditional drinks, where it is always very crowded and hard to talk to one another. “ESN wants to make the time of students at Erasmus University an enjoyable and unforgettable time”, highlights Singh. By taking away the seriousness and pressure of meeting new people, this event aims to provide an unique and humorous environment for networking.


Singh highlights that ESN has thought the coordination of the event through extensively. “The entire cultural committee will be coordinating this large scale Twister event, under supervision of a board member. In this way, the enormous game is planned to run smoothly.” NdB