Want to win a prize with your expertise in art? Arts and Culture Studies (ACS) has organized a quiz for all its students and faculty members on Thursday June 7th, in which they can show how much they know about their own field.

The quiz will be held in English, in order to include all Arts and Culture students, says Niels van Poecke, an ACS faculty member, who co-organized the event. Only ACS students and staff can take part in the quiz, in teams of six. There’s a maximum of two staff members per team to keep it fair. Nine teams already signed up, but there’s still room for some more.

All about art

So why a quiz in arts and culture? Isn’t that what ACS students do every day? “No,” says Van Poecke, “ACS prepares students for a career in the art sector, and is less focused on the actual content of art.” As ASC students are often also very interested in art and culture itself, this quiz gives them the opportunity to do something fun, which is at the same time also related to their studies.

‘Mystery prize’

The quiz will be held at Podium o950, from 20:00 onwards. All Master, pre-Master and Bachelor ACS students can apply, and students from other faculties are welcome to come watch the quiz show. The winners will receive a ‘fabulous prize’, that Van Poecke does not yet want to reveal. To sign up, send an email to [email protected], and include your team name, names of team members, year of study and gender. IS