The University Council has gained a member who does not speak Dutch, however the language during meetings will not change to English.

Non-Dutch members will receive an extensive Dutch course, they may make use of an interpreter, and minutes will be summarized in English. A non-Dutch speaking member can however contribute to meetings in English. This is the compromise the student and staff members of the University Council agreed upon.

Students for english

The majority of student representatives were in favour of a complete transition to English. According to them, this would be the price you pay for being an international university. Moreover, failure to do so would alienate international students, or at least make it less appealing for them to join the council.

Quality issue

Staff representatives on the other hand foresaw negative effects on the quality of discussions if the switch were to be made. Furthermore, the threshold for staff member to join the council would increase. This year, only elections for the student representatives are held. For the RSM there will be a non-Dutch student on the Council.

Of all Faculty Advisory Boards, RSM is the only one that made a 100% switch to English. The faculties ESHCC and ESE have begun to transition to English, or at least a bilingual model, this year. WG