The NFS (New Fashion Society) held a fashion fair in the S-building this Wednesday. It’s their first official event, but the organization has a lot more fashionable plans for the future.

The S-building canteen has been transformed: NFS has turned it as into a marketplace where students sell their clothes, shoes, hats, jewellery, and more. The items might be second-hand, but still look as if they’re brand new. Margarita Staselun, a 20-year-old, first-year IBA student from Latvia, is one of the members selling her second-hand items: “It really is good stuff, I just don’t wear it anymore.”

Not just for girls

You might expect a fashion fair would mostly target the female population of the university, but NFS President Hande Macit, a 19-year-old, second-year IBA student from Turkey, says this is not the case: “We also have a stand for guys, selling ties and the like.” Hande explains that the NFS specifically also wants to include guys, by for instance organizing tie workshops.


A fashionable collaboration

The NFS wants to reach an environment beyond the university, and is organizing a fashion show in two weeks with the help of fashion students. Hande: “We are the business-side of fashion, but fashion is much more about creativity.” Fashion students are designing outfits for the show, while the NFS in turn promotes their creations by organizing the event. The show will be held on May 29th, at Theater Zuidplein. For more information and tickets, check out the Facebook event.


But how fashionable are EUR students, really? Hande thinks that at the Erasmus University, students don’t really get the opportunity to be involved in fashion, or other forms of creativity. An organization such as NFS allows students interested in the fashion industry to show their passion to potential employees. Hande: “Companies in the retail industry will look for students with experience or interest in fashion. Joining an organization such as NFS will help them to obtain a job in for instance the clothing industry.”

Young and ambitious

NFS is still quite young, as it was set up this February, by several IBA students from all over the world. Hande explains the start-up of their organization went quicker than expected: “So far, we have forty active members and six committees, which is quite lot already. Today’s fair is our first official event, but there is a lot more to come.” IS