UN got the power?

In Syria the uprising is still going strong. A few days ago, the UN reached a ceasefire agreement with Syria. However, now that the deadline is approaching, the firing seems to increase rather than decrease. Do our students follow the news? And do they think the UN still has power?

S.A.M. Hasmi, first-year IBA (from Pakistan & Saudi Arabia)

“The influence of the UN is not as sincere as it seems at this moment. They are claiming to fight for the people in Syria. However, they have other incentives, not just economical. In addition, they should realize that this is a different situation than Libya, which was far more isolated. Syria also has Russia behind them, which will make it harder for the international community to do something.

Moreover, the UN should be neutral. But right now they are following a one-sided approach. It is true that Assad’s regime is brutal, however some facts are exaggerated. This is also due to the fact that the UN is controlled by its most powerful members. Some countries are afraid to voice their opinions. They remain silent and follow the major players in the UN.”

Krysztof Dzieciolowski, master Strategic Management (from Poland)

“I kept track of the news for a while, but it feels like a never ending story. The domestic situation is also more complicated than most people know. Still almost fifty percent of the population is supporting Assad. There are just many different interests. Therefore, I am also against an intervention of any kind.

Especially as the UN cannot really intervene, it would be a country as the US. The US only follows its own interest and does not care that much about democracy. The only thing they should do right now is let the UN try to negotiate more and reach an agreement again. They should keep on doing it the diplomatic way.”

Sacha Elffers, second-year IBA (half Thai/half Dutch)

“It is a good thing that there is an institution as the UN. In Syria people are dying every day now, and it is important to prevent these unnecessary deaths if possible. It is the role of the UN to bring peace, and thus giving them more power to force anything would be inappropriate. It would only cause more conflict.

For Syria there is no quick solution. However, the fact that they are not sticking to their agreement might be because of the terms. UN should keep negotiating and try to offer them better terms. For me this is the only solution.” JV