Do you like football but have no time to join a team? Erasmus Sport and the largest student football club in Rotterdam, Anti-Barbari, has the solution. 7 versus 7 competition is starting this Friday, and everyone is welcome to join.

Rick Verhangen, the board member of this competition, says that in their regular teams, there are mostly Dutch guys and girls, and a very few international students (e.g. diehards from Venezuela, Germany, and France). However, the adaptation process for them is hard because some stay for only half a year and it’s rather hard to assimilate into the team. “It’s difficult because everyone talks Dutch in the dressing room as well as in the field, so the 7 versus 7 competition will be ideal for internationals”.

Teams of guys, girls, and every nationality

Already six teams have signed up, and the first games will be friendlies, without any score-keeping. However, when more teams sign up, it will become a full-blown competition with a pool system, a final game, and the winners awarded. The competition is not exclusively for internationals, nor for boys – the teams can be as diverse as you want it to be. Rick says that this is a great opportunity for internationals to play alongside their friends, and on a regular basis, but above all it can be a great way to meet new people and simply have fun. “After the games, we get something to drink in the clubhouse, where people can intermix, Dutch and Internationals”.


Every Friday at 8PM, starting March 2, football matches of twenty minutes will take place at the end of Tramline 21 – the Sportcomplex Toepad. If you have a team of minimum eight dedicated people ready, you can subscribe by sending an email to [email protected] and make sure to come up with a creative name. Everyone is welcome to join, staff included! MD