Did you have trouble with your application? Still haven’t figured out the Dutch grading system? EUR is looking for international students who want to become members of the ISP (International Student Panel), to improve the services EUR offers to international students.

Due to the increasing amounts of international students attending the Erasmus University, the Department of Student Affairs, that is responsible for a wide variety of services to students, staff members and faculties, has decided to set up the ISP. This panel will aim to improve the quality of services offered to international students, as well as better preparing the university for new internationals in the future. The ISP will exist out of 20 international students, two from each faculty, and will meet three times a year.

So if you are an enthusiastic international student who studies at iBMG, EMC, ESE, ESHCC, ESL, ISS (The Hague), FSW, FW or RSM, and you are willing to participate in helping the university improve its facilities for internationals, go to the website for more information. IS