Have you already bought your costume?

For some Dutch people it is the most exciting time of the year: Carnival. This celebration has numerous traditions, its own songs, and big parades of self-made vehicles. However, most people know it for the good atmosphere and the endless amount of beer. Do these students already have their outfit ready?

Nicholas Goupil, Master Business (From Canada)

“What I have heard about carnival, is that you go there and come back with a headache. I have lived in Germany, so it sounds very similar to the carnival over there. Unfortunately, I have never been able to celebrate it. I am not sure if I can go this year, because I have some mandatory classes.

If I wouldn’t be so busy, I would definitely go. It is the best way to get to know the culture. Furthermore, it is a good way to meet the people from the Netherlands. Right now, I mostly meet other students. Moreover, I am into photography, so it would be a great opportunity to capture some interesting pictures. If I would go, I would dress as the most typical Canadian stereotype, the Mounties.”

Lilian Shann, first-year IBA (From Brazil)

“In Brazil carnival is a big deal as well, especially in the North-East. It is warmer there so people can go to the beaches. They have big parades, people work on these for an entire year. Every time they compose new music and make new trucks. There are a lot of similarities between the Dutch and Brazilian carnival. I guess the biggest difference is the temperature.

Personally I do not like carnival. I have had some bad experiences in Brazil, therefore I will not visit it here. However, I do believe that the carnival here is better. The fact that people really dress up as something must be fun. In Brazil the women are just half-naked.”

Monika Hlubinova, first-year IBCoM (From Slovakia)

“From friends I’ve heard it was really good and fun last year. Especially Dutch people are really into it; they dress up and party on the streets for days. In Slovakia we have something similar, but it is more fancy and not on the streets. This year I am going to celebrate carnival in Gouda. I chose Gouda because all of my friends are going there.

I don’t really know the history of carnival, but I do think it is nice that you can be someone else for a day. I am not sure what I am going to be. Some of my friends are planning to cover themselves in glitters. I haven’t had many ideas yet, but I will go as something funny.” 

Arion Hasko, third-year IBEB (From Albania)

“From what I have heard, I perceive carnival as something really fun. You don’t think and just enjoy the moment. And of course people drink a lot. I guess you can only find this in the Netherlands, therefore it is something you have to experience at least once.

So far, I have not experienced it, but I am planning on going. If I would go, I would go to Limburg, because I know people from there. I also think the way they celebrate it there is more typical. Moreover, I think I would go in a group, otherwise I might get lost between all the Dutch people.” JV