The Greening RSM Annual Celebration took place yesterday night. Complete with vegan food and snacks, the team of Greening RSM took a moment to recollect the last year, as well as start the new one by congratulating the winners of the mobility game From 5 to 4.

The crowd of paid workers, volunteers, students, and everyone else involved with this environmental initiative listened to Frank Wijen, the Greening RSM coordinator, who named the many impressive projects of last year: shift to recycled paper throughout RSM, plastic bottle recycling, Green Thesis award, and the mobility game, among others. “This year, Greening RSM has really taken off and the majority of people know about us and our activities. We hope this year will be equally as successful”.

Sparing nature from 1/3 of a ton of CO2

Furthermore, the evening was meant to honor and award the winners of the mobility game From 5 to 4, where teams were encouraged to decrease their carbon footprint and compete with other groups. Twenty people competed in four categories, and Gabi Helfert, the project coordinator, says that she is very satisfied with the outcome of this game. “In total, we saved 328,445kg of CO2 by playing the game as compared to our original CO2 emissions before. We even burned 122,320 calories on our way to work, collectively that is!”

Easy and fun

Dayenne van Winden, a second year IBA student, also participated and won in the Most Sustainable Overall Travel Behaviour category. She says that her group was the only group of students to partake in the game, but that it was easy, fun, and made her aware of her carbon footprint. “Share a ride with people or cycle – it can help more than you think”. |

RSM invites everyone who would like to participate in the second round of the game in mid February, so keep your eyes open and register by sending Greening RSM an email. MD

Biological pancake flour to thank the team for a year’s worth of hard work.

Organic wine for the winners of the mobility game.


Delicious vegan snacks.