Another Valentine’s day coming up. Gifts for girls are relatively easy: buying flowers or a box of chocolates can’t really go wrong. But what to buy for a guy? EM has some suggestions.

Personalized six-pack

Men come in all shapes and sizes. But most of them do appreciate a good bottle of beer (or 5, or 10, or 15 of them). Buying a six-pack is probably not the most romantic gesture a girl can make, but Heineken has come up with an interesting alternative. On the Heineken website, you can choose different pictures and texts to make your own creative version of a Heineken bottle. You can choose to let Heineken deliver the six-pack at the address of your loved one or to your own house. It will arrive in 10 days max. and costs €19,95, including delivery.

Fashionable gift

Is your man more of a fashionable type? iTailor is a website where you can create customized tailored shirts, ties, jeans, suits and more, for a quite modest price. The price of a shirt starts at €19,95, ties are from €7,95. Note to the guys who are reading this: iTailor has a special Valentine’s promotion, which gives men 50% discount on customizing and delivering a woman’s blouse to their girl.

Driving a Ferrari

If you’re dating a more active guy, giving him an experience gift might a good option. ExperienceGifts has a wide variety on offer, for instance a thirty-minute drive in a Ferrari, an indoor skydiving class or even a whiskey-tasting course. So choose something fun and go driving, diving or tasting together (this website is in Dutch only).

No obligations

Valentine’s day has turned into a gift-buying and receiving bonanza, but this doesn’t mean it’s obligatory. A home-cooked meal, a kiss or even a smile is enough. In the end, it’s the thought that really counts. IS