The SIFE Drink Green team, founded by five EUR students, aims to organize parties that are eco-friendly and contribute to a better and cleaner world. On January 31st, they organize a big party in the VIP Room.

SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) is an international non-profit organization that encompasses many different committees and groups around the world, with an overall aim to let students develop themselves, helping other people in the process. They have a wide variety of activities, from writing a business plan for a museum to teaching a language to elderly people. The SIFE Drink Green team is part of the SIFE organization, and collaborates with clubs to make partying more efficient and less polluting.

‘Greening’ a club

The team has five members, four second-year IBA students and one IBCoM first-year. Moritz Verleger, one of the IBA students, tells us how they ‘green’ a club: “We use the money we collect from selling tickets to make the club more eco-friendly.” From the money they raised at previous parties, the green team bought waterless urinals for the men’s room and hand dryers to replace paper towel dispensers.

Win-win situation

Moritz explains that this is a win-win situation for both the club and the organization, as the club pays for all the expenses such as the promotion material, the bouncers and the DJ, and the SIFE team in turn promotes the club and sells the tickets. After partying at Café Beurs three times in 2011, the team now switched to the VIP Room, to also make this club an eco-friendly place to party. If you want to ‘party green’ Tuesday the 31st, go to the Facebook event for more details and tickets. IS