Where do you park your bike?

Parking a bike at university currently seems to be a bigger challenge than riding one. On EMonline students were already warned for the clamping of bikes. How do students feel about this? Is there enough space or should something change?

Rebecca Han, master International Management CEMS (from China)

“Today I was able to park in front of the T-building. I have to admit it can be quite a challenge to park your bike. You don’t want to park it somewhere where it might end up being blocked by other bikes. Especially when I am in a hurry, this can be annoying. However, I do think the amount of places is adequate; it just takes some time to find a spot.  

I am happy to say that I didn’t receive a fine yet. Some of my friends did though. The problem here is that international students are not aware of the fact you can get a fine. It would be nice to give more information to them. Then it would also be fairer to give one. Still, I am not that worried to receive a fine, I am more worried that my bike gets stolen.”

Ioannis Sachanidis, master International Economics (from Greece)

“I live on campus, in the F-building, and I always have a problem with parking my bike. In front of my building the bikes are always squeezed together. Since I live there, I face the problem every day. So it would be nice if they would do something about it. If you place more racks the problem is easily solved.

I do think the fine is reasonable though. I get that some people perceive it as unfair right now. However, if they provide more space nobody should complain anymore. Moreover, they should put up some signs. Before this I never heard that there even was a possibility to be fined. Maybe if more people know about it, the problem will solve itself.”

Maurice Link, first-year IBA (from Germany)

“It is the first time I hear about the fining process. I guess they would have to fine almost everybody, since most bikes are outside of the racks. My bike is not always in the racks either; I didn’t know it was not allowed to put them somewhere else. As long as there is not enough space to place your bike, I don’t think they should fine people. 

The only solution I see is to create more parking space or to build extra racks. Maybe they could use the money from the fines to build it. The only problem is that they would probably fine more people in order to get enough money.” JV