How stressed are you?

The library is crowded and the waiting lines at our coffee corners are getting longer, while the lines at parties are getting shorter. This can only mean one thing: It is exam period. How stressed are the students. And how do they cope with the pressure?

Wanrong Ju, master student Philosophy (From China)

‘I had an exam yesterday, which didn’t go well. The main problem is that I have been very busy the past few months. Therefore, I didn’t have time to study and did most of the work this weekend. Normally, I review the slides after every lecture and prepare the next lectures. Most of my studying I do at home, since the air in the library does not circulate. At the end of the day it feels as if my brain does not work anymore.

Chinese people have the reputation to be eager. I don’t feel that pressure that much. Of course I want to get a good grade, but it is not my highest priority. Another difference between China and here is that, for example at RSM, some exams only count for 50% of your total grade. The other 50% are determined by case studies or in-class discussions. In China you mostly have a 100% exam.’

Alina Vacari, third-year IBCoM student (From Moldova)

‘I always start on time, since my memory is not so good. I understand and remember the ideas but not the literal words or definitions. That is, however, essential if you need to learn by heart. In Moldova on the other hand, they focus more on the development of your personality. In this way you can find out what you’re capable of. I believe this strategy is more long-term than learning by heart.

My exam is scheduled on the third of November. The main reason why I am stressed is because it is an open questions exam. Even though I am confident about my knowledge and skills, I fear the assessment. Sometimes the professor understands your words differently than you mean. The discussions which follow are hard. It might help if there would be more focus on the formulation. So we know what to answer.’

Johannes Bramann, master student CEMS (From Germany)

‘My main problem is time management. I always have trouble balancing my social life with studying. It mostly means I have to study very hard in the end. Germans are known for their high motivation. This is partly due to the focus of German companies on grades.

Since I am easily distracted, the library is the best place to study for me. I found my perfect place there, it is quiet, surrounded by walls and slightly cold. So I cannot be distracted in any way. Another thing that helps is to make flash cards. You can easily take them with you and read them. In addition, me and my friends sometimes divide the summarizing. In this way you don’t have to read everything but can still study it all.’ JV