Occupy Albron is an enormously popular Facebook moment that emerged at the beginning of November. Their aim: cheap and healthy student food on campus. But what happened to this student initiative?

First of all, what did Occupy Albron achieve so far? According to Philipp Zottman, one of the founders of Occupy Albron, they now have monthly meetings with the Albron catering manager, who is very cooperative: “From the first meeting onwards, Albron is really willing to please students. New on their menu is a ‘corndog-like’ sandwich prized for €1,50. It’s not the best deal, but it really shows their commitment and their efforts to change something.”

Pressuring for change

However, this is only a small step. Occupy Albron aims to change much more, but this turns out to be more difficult than it seemed at first. Therefore, Occupy Albron plans to put pressure on both Albon and the university, as according to them, this seems to be the only way to change the current situation. The three founders of Occupy Albron have received many suggestions from other students through their Facebook page, but the discussion seems to have ‘cooled down’ a little recently. Zottman: “The amount of new likes eventually slowed down, and we are spending our Christmas break brainstorming for new ways to involve more people on Facebook.”

‘Rome wasn’t built in one day’

Harry Briel, account manager at Albron, emphasizes that Albron is indeed very willing to cooperate: “We aim to create changes within the constraints we currently have to deal with.” As Occupy Albron has over 1400 followers, Albron understands that a large part of the student population wants to see change: “Rome wasn’t built in one day, but we look at the positive side of the situation and try to improve as much as possible.” IS