ESN, CEMS and the RSM Charity Foundation have organised a special charity project: a Christmas Clothes Donation. Students can drop their old clothes and shoes at the ESN office, and thus donate them to the Rotterdam clothing bank, who redistributes these to the poorest inhabitants of the city.

Bart Hagendoorn, treasurer of ESN, opens the room next to the ESN office and shows heaps of clothes that have been donated by EUR students the past week: ‘We have about 10 bags of clothes already, I think. We expect a lot more, as students can donate their stuff until the 15th of December.’

ESN: More than just partying

So how did this collaboration between ESN, CEMS and the RSM Charity Foundation come about? Bart Hagendoorn explains: ‘We had this idea for a few months already, when Irina Chitic from CEMS contacted us and told us they had exactly the same plan. We then decided to work together, to reach as much people as possible. The RSM Charity Foundation has taken responsibility of various logistic aspects of the project, and thus helps us deliver the clothes to the people who need it.’ Hagendoorn stresses that ESN might be well-known for its parties and fun activities, but in fact does a lot more than only entertaining internationals: ‘We are broadening our activities, as this charity project shows.’

The clothing bank: how does it work?

The Rotterdam Clothing Bank gives clothing to people who do not have money to buy it themselves. Several social services connect poor people to the Clothing Bank, where they can choose three sets of clothes for themselves, twice a year. The organization is based on voluntary donations of used clothing and shoes, and could use some help from the Rotterdam student population.

What to do and where to go

So if you have some clothes and/or shoes you don’t wear anymore, donate them at the ESN office (N1-13, on every Tuesday and Thursday, between 12:00 and 15:00). As it is almost Christmas, you can also include a small gift with your clothes, to surprise somebody who maybe doesn’t have a very merry Christmas this year. For more information, check the Facebook event. IS