Christmas vacation is coming up! Some of you might celebrate Christmas at home with their families while others are enjoying the winter holidays here in the Netherlands. Erasmus Magazine has highlighted some of the special things to do during the coming weeks.


This is maybe one of the things that you have to have done once in order to call yourself Dutch. The ‘Nieuwjaarsduik’ is the spectacular event for everyone taking place on the morning of the 1st of January. After a long night of celebration thousands of people gather at the beach in Den Haag to perform an act that shall bring them luck and happiness throughout the coming year. They all wait until a certain point at which the entire mass of people storms from the sandy beach into the ice cold waters of the North Sea. For most a fresh dive is enough and then they hurry back ashore to warm themselves with some hot soup or tea. The origins of the “Nieuwjaarsduik” date back all the way to the 1920ies and was originally introduced in Canada and today are a fun event bringing together old and young. If you want you are invited to join this special way of starting a happy new year.

Thermen Holiday Schiedam

For all the ones in need of a relaxing vacation after a stressfull exam period, this is the perfect thing to do. Only a short bus ride towards Schiedam takes you far from all your daily sorrows and into the heavenly spa Thermen Holiday Schiedam. The spa is equipped with various saunas, steam baths and whirlpools guaranteeing you a lot of means of relaxation. If you want there are special treatments sessions available like different types of massages, face masks and many other fancy therapies. So if you are done preparing gifts for all your loved ones then give this one to yourself and enjoy a day at the spa. Visit the website regarding prices and special opening times.

Snowworld Zoetermeer

A snow covered landscape surrounds you while a lift carries you to the top of a hill where you put on your gear and down you go like a rocket! Although you might consider skiing impossible in a country without a single serious elevation and hardly any snowfall, you can actually do it close to Rotterdam. Within half an hour you can reach the Snowworld Zoetermeer one of the two indoor skiing areas in the Netherlands. Luckily you are not expected to bring your own gear, but you can come there in your jeans and T-shirt and they will make you “winter-fit”. Not only can you enjoy the different downhill rides, but you can also have a snack and a drink in the pretty authentic après-ski bar and have your own skiing holiday here in Holland. To finalize there is a special student offer with a reduced price from Monday to Friday. So check out the website and make your winter holiday complete. CM