As Christmas is fast approaching, EM finds out about different holiday traditions from around the world. Today, we look ‘down under’, to uncover ways the Australians, the first one’s in the world every year, celebrate Christmas.

Laura Miller, a half-Dutch and half-Australian student, says that she is very excited for the coming holidays, which she will spend in Holland after being on exchange for a semester. Thing to most look forward to – traditional Christmas dinner where every family member will cook their own course. Obviously, Australian Christmas is quite different. “It’s always somewhere between 25 to 35 degrees in Sydney during Christmas, so we celebrate outdoors. Pool parties, barbecue bonanzas, and even street celebrations are all part of it.”

Unique traditions

But Aussies take their Christmas spirit even further. Laura says that some people decorate their houses so extensively, that there are special tours organized to look at every house in detail. And on Christmas Eve, after exchanging gifts under the Christmas tree, there are “Carols by Candlelight” concerts in every city and community. “People sing along to the cheesy Christmas jingles we all know and love while waving a candle.”

White versus sandy Christmas

Like many other international students, Laura misses the people with whom she’d celebrate Christmas more than the actual traditions. “I miss being able to celebrate the festive season in shorts and a shirt, although I must say having a white Christmas is pretty magical as well.” So, if you are interested in spending your Christmas in an Aussie-like way, “spend it with your friends, enjoy their good company and some nice shrimps on the barbie!” 

For those who are brave enough to fire up their grill in winter, here a nice recipe of barbecued shrimps with lime and chilli. MD