As we approach the end of November, it is the perfect time to begin worrying about Christmas presents. However, most of us don’t have the slightest clue what to get for our friends and family. Hereby, EM presents a list that departs from the usual suspects of gift cards, socks, ties, and sweaters.

1. Travelling junkie

Chances are, many of your friends are international and love travelling. This year, instead of a Ryanair gift card, which will take them to the usual destinations, seek out a scratch-off travel map or a travel stub diary. Both items will help them remember the most unforgettable journeys.

2. Vegetarian                                                       

For a person who loves food and animals, Christmas is a terrifying holiday with all the roasted hams and baked ducks. You can show your sympathy and sense of humour, by giving your friend an inflatable turkey. It’s vegetarian-friendly and may be reused later as a beach ball.


3. Geek

The nerd, engulfed in books and comics, most likely needs some help getting to the ladies. What better gift than a whiskey/tobacco or dirt cologne to transform the geek into a macho smelling hunk?

4. Social media addict

Perhaps it’s time to bring him/her down to earth? This wireless(!) invention of pen and paper tweet sheets let them share their “very important” messages with the world. With 140 characters to manipulate and a 50 sheet bandwidth, this gift will be a great laugh.

5. Carnivore

Those who have a serious meat-lover in their group of friends, can purchase baconnaise, bacon cake frosting, and even bacon flavoured lip balm. Keep the carnivore satisfied to keep yourself safe. ‘Cause everything should taste like bacon’.


6. Student

Let’s admit it. Most often it’s all about the partying and none about the studying when it comes to students. This year, let the slugs know that they don’t deserve presents, but merely a bag of coal! (Ideally, follow up with a real present. However it’s not mandatory).

7. Musician

Trust me, every year guitar players get the widest selection of picks possible. Since you don’t want to be a thoughtless friend, this year, get the musician a guitar pick puncher. Reusing old credit cards has never been this fun!

8. Singles

Finally, the singles. A tough one. You want to give them the joy of a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but since human trafficking is illegal (and immoral), the next best thing is sculpt-your-own-perfect-girlfriend/boyfriend kit! Your dream partner is just a modelling clay twist away. MD