The outdated computers in the large workrooms in the G building will be replaced with brand new ones next Monday.  In addition, some of the smaller computer rooms will be transformed into laptop rooms.

Computers that won’t work

Gilde van den Ham, the supervisor of the G building workrooms says that the computers are hardly working anymore because they are eight years old and are more than ready to be put to rest. “The main issue is that the memory of the computers cannot handle the massive amounts of data anymore.” This modernization is part of the initiative ‘Any Time, Any Place, Any Device’, which will be finalized in 2013. It includes renovating the ICT facilities and setting up the ‘cloud’ concept, which will allow students to access their virtual workplace anytime and from any part of the world.


A modern place to study

After a trial run, logging into one of the workroom computers took excruciating twenty minutes. Other people trying to work would get frozen screens, programs which weren’t responding, and task manager pop-ups. However, the only alternative to G building is the library or to bring one’s own computer, which might not be possible for many.


Yet, Gilde, who has been inquiring about new computers for years, exclaims that the wait is over and the situation will definitely become better when the 70 new PCs are installed. Finally, students can rejoice; there will be a modern place to study and work in the G building. MD